10 Best Writing Assistance Tools to Help you Create & Market your Online Courses for 2023

Best Writing Assistance Tools

If you are here then you must be after effective writing tools to help you create error-free, clearer, and creative content for online courses.

Lucky for you, this article has been dedicated to providing you with detailed insights into the top 10 creative writing tools that not only let you improve your content quality but help you boost your writing speed as well.

Let’s get to the details of the creative writing tools that you can leverage in order to create quality content for any type of online course with ease.

1. Wordtune

Whenever it comes to writing creatively, then Wordtune is one of the first tools to come to mind. This is because Wordtune has been the best rewriting tool so far that makes the given content unique and better with respect to the context.

Therefore, if you want to create error-free, captivating content for any online course then AI-powered Wordtune will serve you the best.

If the Wordtune extension is enabled then you will just need to click on each statement that you want to include in the course content. It will give you 10 different appropriate writing suggestions to present the respective statement more effectively. You can even make use of different rewriting modes to improve the diction as per different writing styles.

Moreover, you can make use of this paraphrasing tool to craft engaging social media post content to market your online courses in a captivating way. This will make sure to make your content creative enough that your target audience won’t be able to resist reading and checking out what courses you are offering.

Remember that it is a premium tool but it allows 18 free rewrites for free on a regular basis.

2. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is another ideal option to reword content in more creative wording. It makes use of advanced AI algorithms to restate without any informational or grammar errors. In fact, this paraphrasing tool makes sure to improve the content quality in a way that it will stand out by all means.

This is why it is preferred to leverage this paraphraser if you want to write clearer, improved content for online courses. Whether you need to write content for the course outline, course descriptions, or syllabus details, it will let you do it without any hassle.

You can even use it to rewrite content for the marketing copies that will be required to advertise to and engage the audience.

Lucky for you, Paraphraser.io is accessible with and without a premium subscription. You can paraphrase 1,500 words per session in the premium version and 400 in the free version.

3. Grammarly

Do you wish to write error-free content but aren’t making use of Grammarly? Then fix that right away.

Grammarly has always been and will remain (for the foreseeable future) the best tool to ensure that the content is free from writing errors. It works best to save writers from grammatical, punctuation, and diction errors.

There are many mistakes that we make while writing and Grammarly knows exactly how to deal with them. This is why you must leverage it whenever you are required to write well-written “creative” content for online courses.

From the content of your online course descriptions to the content that you will use to market them, you must check every piece of content through Grammarly.

This will surely help you to make sure that your content is free from any type of mistakes and ready to be published.

It is totally up to you if you opt for Grammarly premium or just take advantage of its free version. Anyhow, keep in mind that its premium version will offer more advanced features including plagiarism checking.

4. Hemingway Editor

Here comes a useful free writing tool “Hemingway Editor”, which offers the best alternative to grammar checking and readability analysis tools.

One of Hemingway Editor’s most interesting features is how their writings suggestions are highlighted in different colors. Several essential elements of your writing are addressed in their recommendations, including adverbs, passive voice, and readability.

In addition to highlighting passive voice usage and adverbs, these recommendations challenge you to restructure your sentences in a more formal manner. As a result, you will always have access to a grammatical tutor who will assist you in improving the content quality that’s required for your online course descriptions.

You can download Hemingway Editor’s desktop app at an affordable price or access its online version for free.

5. Cliché Finder

Cliche Finder is an amazingly useful tool that saves us from repeating words and phrases in writing.

It quickly analyzes the content and lets you know which parts are repeated over and over again. Even if the words are different but the context is the same, it will highlight and help you to get rid of repeated phrases and sentences.

You might not believe but if you are required to write content for online courses then this tool is the best to avoid cliches. Just enter your content in it and you will get to know which lines you have repeated.

The best thing is that it will provide you with multiple suggestions to replace the cliches also.

You can use this tool anytime, however you want, as there is no subscription or limitation.

6. Visuwords

With Visuwords, you can find any word’s related synonyms, and phrases as well as its visual thesaurus.

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to check how words fit together within a phrase and sentence. In the search bar, when you type a word, a web comes up that shows both parts of speech and relationships between words (such as if they mean the same thing, are examples of, are types of, etc.). This allows you to see whole phrases. This tool describes the precise meanings of the words and provides suggestions to help you in writing correctly and effectively.

Whether you need to write content for an online course to teach business skills or language skills, it will let you find the right words in a blink.

7. Power Thesaurus

Here is another tool that has your back when you fail to find the right terms to put your ideas into well-written words. This provides you with access to an unlimited number of creative words that you can use to substitute unappealing parts in your content.

We can surely affirm that if you are constantly struggling with finding the words that can make the content of your online course “interesting” enough to captivate the target audience then this tool is all you need.

It will take only a second to suggest you a wide range of synonyms as per the context so that you can write quickly without comprising the quality.

Everyone can make use of this useful tool and get their hands on the best thesaurus so far.

8. Twinword Writer

Twinword Writer is one of the best tools that come in handy when you are dealing with writer’s block.

Its built-in thesaurus contains an extensive list of creative vocabulary that you can use to write compelling content for any type of online course. No matter what type of words you need to incorporate in your sentences, it will have you covered.

This amazing creative writing tool will let you find creative words as per the context so that you can write faster and better with ease.

Thus, whenever you are out of ideas and unable to find the right words, just make use of this tool. You will never have to spend hours in search of creative words to make your content perfect.

9. Hypotenuse AI

Writing interesting content is now easier than ever with Hypotenuse. It lets you create compelling, error-free content for any type of online course as well as its advertising copytexts without any hassle.

With millions of built-in data points, Hypotenuse can generate fluent text related to any topic. A few simple keywords will enable you to quickly create high-ranking campaigns.

Take your marketing visuals to the next level with content that could have taken weeks. This tool is trusted by over 1,000 brands, agencies, and some of the biggest companies in the world.

In short, whenever you find yourself unable to write creative content for an online course, you can make use of Hypotenuse AI. It will not only help you to generate descriptive content to explain course objectives but enable you to craft clearer copy content for marketing purposes as well.

10. Yoast Readability Tool

Yoast’s readability analysis tool comes in handy when you want to optimize your course content as per webmaster guidelines.

It will help you to check and enhance the content’s readability score so that your target audience can easily understand it. Moreover, it will make it easier to adjust keywords in it.

From the choice of words, sentence length, paragraphing format, and heading structure to metadata creation, it will enable you to optimize your content by all means. Check this tool out yourself and you will find a variety of things that you can do to make your content readable and keyword-enriched.

In short, if you want your online courses to rank on result pages then make sure to analyze and optimize their content with the help of Yoast. You can access and use it for free.

Bottom Line

As per our research and on-hand experience, Wordtune, Paraphraser.io, Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Cliché Finder, Visuwords, Power Thesaurus, Twinword Writer, Hypotenuse AI, and Yoast Readability Tool are the best writing assistant tools that you need to create error-free, compelling, and unique content for online courses.

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