Artificial Intelligence is considered as the next new trend that is revolutionizing the modern world. It is making headlines on a daily basis in technology space with its recent innovations across different industries. This technology has become a driving force behind some of the renowned innovations such as speech recognition, chatbots, etc. So, this is the right time for people who are thinking of making a career into this wonderful technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that has the ability to perform a task that basically requires human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is powered by some other technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. that have empowered organizations to serve their customers even better than before.

It comes as no surprise that Artificial Intelligence is providing huge career opportunities for many young professionals, who are willing to make a career in this field. With the aim of helping such professionals, we are presenting here an article that discusses various aspects related to the Artificial Intelligence job market. Before moving ahead, at this point we would like to suggest you to read this blog to know more about this technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies across numerous industries are taking on Machine Leaning projects to improve organizational operations and increase business value.
  • 59% of organizations using AI and Big Data technologies together are highly effective at turning data into information that can solve problems – source

A report given by Gartner predicts that Artificial Intelligence technology will create around 2.3 million jobs  by 2020. As per the reports given by Forbes, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the three most in-demand skills on job portal website portal

      Image source: Forbes

According to one of the major job portal websites, Indeed, the demand for employees with Artificial Intelligence skills has increased continuously in the past 18 months. The Indeed economist and report author Daniel Culbertson told TechRepublic that “Indeed data shows there is growing need by employers for AI talent, especially for the roles of data scientist and machine learning engineer,”.

Why will Artificial Intelligence be a good career choice for you?

We have already discussed that Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technology of this world and is offering a huge scope for your career growth. At this time, you should know why exactly this technology can be a good career choice for you and how learning Artificial Intelligence can certainly boost your career to new heights?

Considering whether you are an experienced AI professional or a new entrant to this field, you should always learn all the new tools and technologies associated with this technology to stay ahead in the race.

Because AI is a relatively  new career track, there aren’t enough professionals who are ready to take up the huge number of jobs available in this field. Neil Gernon, Managing Director of Atrovate, an AI-based firm across London, Lviv and Dublin, says that “Data engineers or software engineers can upskill pretty easily with online courses that are available.”

The Artificial Intelligence market is evolving continuously. The report given by Marketsandmarkets says that the AI market was valued at USD 16.06 billion in the year 2017 and is expected to reach USD 190.61 billion by the year 2025 at a CAGR of 36.62% during the forecast period between 2018 and 2025. This report shows the importance of the Artificial Intelligence market.

As this technology is providing a lot of scope for development in various sectors, many investment firms have decided to invest in AI-based startups. A report says that there has been a 6X increase in the annual investment levels by venture capital (VC) investors in the U.S.

        Image source: Forbes

A survey says that around 88% of respondents indicated that their company already has, plans of implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies within their organizations. These different reports and surveys say that AI and ML technologies are being implemented by organizations across different industries, thus increasing the demand for Artificial Intelligence professionals.

All these stats tell us about how AI technology can help organizations to be more productive and also create more number of jobs for professionals who are looking to work in this field of technology. Thus, looking at all the needs and demands of AI professionals, it can be estimated that choosing Artificial Intelligence can be a great career option for many professionals.

Know where you stand in the path of becoming AI professional

If you have a dream of becoming an Artificial Intelligence professional, then you need to be well aware of where exactly you stand in the path of achieving your goals and what  future steps you need to take in order to establish yourself as a successful professional in this field. Here, it becomes important to analyze what are the skills sets you already know and what kind of skill set companies except from the AI professionals that they wish to hire. 

To get to know exactly what kind of skills the companies look among the job applicants, you can visit some of the job portal websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor and check their required skill set column for AI professionals. This step will help you to understand the different skills that are presently trending in AI. Make a note of such skills and compare them with your present knowledge and know if there is anything you need to learn extra to meet all the requirements that these companies want from their candidates.

Besides these job portal websites, you can read this blog to know what are the skill sets you need to learn to become a successful AI professional.

What are the requirements to become an AI professional?

Education: If you are good at mathematics, data, and computers, then working as an Artificial Intelligence engineer can be the right career choice for you. Knowing the basics of computer technology and mathematics is very important to become an AI professional.

Artificial Intelligence professionals must have a bachelor’s degree in either computer science or in mathematics to pursue entry-level work in this field. To become an AI  specialist, a more advanced program is required. Such programs must include the following skills sets:

  • Bayesian networking (including neural nets)
  • Computer science (including popular programming languages)
  • Cognitive science theory
  • Physics
  • Robotics
  • Various levels of mathematics (algebra, calculus, logic, algorithms, probability, and statistics).

Some of the technical skills required are:

  • Programming knowledge of at least one of the following languages: Python, Java, C#.
  • Artificial Intelligence theory and techniques
  • Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
  • Data Science applications.

Some of the soft skills required are:

  • Problem solving and analytical thinking
  • Ability to work independently or as part of the team
  • Willingness to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge
  • Good communication skills.

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“Get Certified; a certificate easily moves you at least thousand rows ahead of other job candidates, with similar knowledge” – Wasay Syed – source

Artificial Intelligence professionals are in huge demand in the present IT world. As more and more companies are adopting AI technologies in their workflow, it has given rise to the demand for these professionals. As per many surveys, in the present IT market, a huge number of jobs opening are available for employees having good AI skill set.

While many organizations are willing to hire AI professionals into their workplace, the job requirements for each of the companies differ from one another. Based upon their project requirements, different companies might be looking at hiring candidates with different kinds of skill sets. So, it is very important for employees to showcase their technical skills to their hiring managers in the right way so that they get their dream job.

One of the most preferred ways to present your skills set in front of the interviewer is to pursue a certificate in Artificial Intelligence technology. Having a certificate will provide recognition for your specialized skill set and increase your chance of getting selected during the interview process.

Obtaining a certificate in any stream from a recognized program is never easy. For this, you need to undergo a specialized course, which  will help to learn new aspects related to that particular technology or field and thus enhance your capabilities and make you stand ahead of your competitors. Certifications offer you a chance to take up advanced training, learn the new tools and recent updates about the technology or the field, and thus help you to increase your work efficiency.

Click here: You can visit these online courses to look into various Artificial Intelligence courses.

There will always be an added advantage to be called as a certified professional as these certificates will make you one of the most potential employee for your organization. Not only this, these certificates will differentiate you from other professionals, showing that you have a good commitment to understanding and excelling in your profession.

Today, many organizations are willing to onboarding such employees who have undergone a certificate course in AI and have obtained a certificate. Some organizations are even considering  paying a higher salary to the certified employees as they bring a lot of potential to their workplace.

So, considering all these benefits of being a certified AI professional, it is recommended that you take up a certificate program in AI and obtain the certificate and keep yourself updated always with all the latest changes that keep happening in this technology space.

Different job roles and responsibilities for Artificial Intelligence professionals

Now, having discussed about what the organizations expect from AI professionals, now let us focus our discussion towards some of the top jobs that are associated with this field.

Artificial Intelligence is a very vast field. This field is associated with various job roles. Some of the noted job titles associated with the AI field are as follow:

1. Machine Learning Engineer.

2. AI research scientist.

3. Artificial Intelligence software developer.

4. Data Scientist.

5. Business Intelligence Developer.

Now let us discuss in brief each of these job titles separately.

Image source: Eaton Business School

1. Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer is one of the most sought-after positions in the Artificial Intelligence arena. The candidates willing to get tagged to this job title must have a strong knowledge of software skills the ability to apply predictive models, and utilize Natural Language Processing while working with a huge amount of data sets. The primary responsibility of these professionals is to build and deploy large-scale AI interfaces and also work closely with Data Scientists to make sure that the models prepared by the latter are performant and accurate.

Educational requirements: A Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering is required. The professionals should have good knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and Scala. Organizations prefer candidates who have strong programming skills, expertise in mathematical skills and knowledge of cloud applications.

Besides this, candidates should have good communication skills and analytical skills. Having a certification in Machine Learning could be an added advantage.

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Roles and responsibilities

  • Expanding Machine Learning practices to refine enterprise applications
  • Coordinating with technical management on current features and tasks
  •  Gathering and analyzing large scale data sets from multiple sources
  •  Presenting the results of your findings to business and engineering teams.

2. AI Research Scientist

The AI Research Scientists are considered to be subject-matter experts in several disciplines of Artificial Intelligence. These professionals take the responsibility of building state-of-the-art algorithms on Machine Learning experimentation that enhance the efficacy of existing models, etc.

Educational Requirements: A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in computer science or in a related technical field or equivalent practical experience is required. The organization looks for candidates who have solid GPU programming skills, strong Distributed system experience.

Besides having these qualifications, candidates need to have an in-depth understanding of computer architecture. Having good communication skills can be an added advantage for them.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • They need to design, develop and train Machine Learning models to solve problems
  • They need to be involved in carrying out research work to make Machine Learning more applicable to impactful issues in the real world
  • They need to be active members of the applied research community, by validating and contributing to advances in Machine Learning.

3. Artificial Intelligence Software Developer

The professional who wants to  work in the position of an Artificial Intelligence Software Developer should write codes to design, develop and deploy Machine Learning and AI systems. These professionals are responsible for the entire software development lifecycle that includes some of the tasks such as designing and updating software databases, gathering business systems required to get an insight on the product design, testing and debugging programs to make existing software marketable.

Educational Requirements:

A Master of Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent work experience is required. Organizations prefer to hire candidates who have a good understanding of both relational and modern databases and corresponding query languages such as SQL for these roles. Candidates need to have proficiency in any of the programming languages such as Java or .NET or Python etc.

Besides having these qualifications, candidates should be self-motivated and have the ability to work independently or as team members. Having effective written and verbal communication skills is an added advantage.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Candidates need to explore and implement various distributed algorithms such as model/data parallel frameworks
  • Candidates need to understand business requirements and propose AI software solutions to meet them
  • Candidates need to integrate AI/ML models into a full-functioning AI business software.

4. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are in huge demand in the present IT market. These professionals are those who make value out of data. These professionals take responsibilities of various Machine Learning tools or processes within the company, like the recommended system, or automate lead scoring systems. They also have the ability to perform statistical analysis.

Educational Requirements:

A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience is required. Organizations prefer to hire candidates who have any one of these programming languages like Python, R or Java for these roles. Candidates need to have good knowledge of applied statistical skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.

Besides these requirements, candidates should have strong communication and analytical skills.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • They need to carry out tasks such as processing, cleansing and verifying the integrity of the data used for analysis
  • They should work product managers, lead architects and consultants in order to understand the requirements and architecture
  • They need to involve in research, POC and suitable data procurement/generation initiatives.

5. Business Intelligence Developer:

The role of Business Intelligence Developer professionals is to study and analyze the complicated data and look for the current business and market trends so that they can help the organization to enhance their business. They will be having good technical skills and they also have good communication and problem-solving skills.

Educational Requirements:

A Master of bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related field or related work experience is required. Organizations prefer to hire candidates who have good knowledge of data warehouse design, data mining, SQL queries, and SQL server Integration Services for these roles. Candidates need to have good communication skills.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • They need to work with the analytics information manager and other staff to implement various reporting needs
  • They should participate in the interpretation and context of complex business reports
  • They need to follow established standards, study and suggest  further improvements to enhance those standards.

We hope that you have got valuable information about different job roles and responsibilities associated with the Artificial Intelligence field. Anyone with a strong desire to learn and excel can become Artificial Intelligence professionals. However, which of these job roles you will be entitled to will completely depend upon your interest, experience and skill set you know.

Where AI professionals can find jobs?

Now that you have some knowledge of the different job roles and responsibilities associated with Artificial Intelligence, we believe it is time to check for the right platform where you can apply for these job roles.

Once you have decided  which AI job you need to apply for,  you should consider applying for a job in some of the popular job portal websites. Many organizations use these platforms to post vacancies and find the applicants.

Some of the noted job portal websites are as follows:

Apart from the above-mentioned websites, you can also find Artificial Intelligence jobs through various other platforms mentioned below:

  • Company websites
  • Professional Network
  • Social Media
  • Conferences, webinars, seminars
  • Email.

These are some of the ways that help you to find relevant jobs.

The top companies offering AI jobs

As Artificial Intelligence is helping the organizations to enhance their business, it has given rise in a huge number of job openings for AI professionals. Today, many organizations, including both startups and tech giants are willing to hire employees with AI skills.

Here is the list of top organizations that are offering AI jobs.

1. Alphabet (Google Inc).

2. Apple Inc.

3. Baidu.

4. IBM Corporation.

5. Ipsoft.

6. Microsoft Corporation.    

7. MicroStrategy, Inc.


9. Qlik technologies Inc.

10. Verint Systems Inc.

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Top influencers in the field of Artificial Intelligence to follow

Now let us discuss some of the top influencers who have contributed to the growth of Artificial Intelligence technology through their notable work.

1. Yoshua Benigo: This Canadian computer scientist’s is most popular work is Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning. He was a co-recipient of the 2018 A.M. Turing Award for his work in Deep Learning.

He works as a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at the Universite de Montreal and also works as a Scientific director of the Monteral Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA). – Source

2. Yenn LeCun: Yenn LeCun is a  computer scientist whose interest lies in areas such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, mobile robotics and computer neuroscience. Apart from being the Vice President, Chief AI Scientist at Facebook, Prof. Yenn is the silver professor of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at New York University.. – Source

3. Nathan Benaich: Nathan Benaich is an investor in intelligent systems and data-driven companies. He is an advisor at TwentyBN, a video understanding company. – Source

4. David Kenny: David Kenny, who was formerly the CEO of The Weather Company, which was acquired by IBM in 2016, is now the Senior Vice President of IBM’s Watson & Cloud platform. . – Source

5. Antonio Grasso: Antonio Grasso is an Italian Digital Transformation Advisor. He is B2B Tech Influencer, Author, Speaker and start-up mentor – Source

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Artificial Intelligence has become one of the widely discussed terms in the present IT market. Looking at the features and benefits provided by this technology, many organizations have started adopting this technology to serve their customers in a better way. Looking at all these developments taking place in this tech arena, many IT professionals are willing to build their career in this field.

So, to help  professionals aspiring to make a mark in this arena, we have presented this blog discussing important aspects that we hope will help our readers to build their careers in the Artificial Intelligence field. Along with all this information we have discussed, we would like to share this library of online courses on AI technology that we believe can be of great helpful to you.

We hope our readers have found some valuable information reading this blog. If you think any more information can be supplemented to this blog, then please send your suggestions in the comment section.

We would also request you share this blog in your social network so that it can reach to maximum people who are looking for similar kind of information.

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